Mirror Spray Home Decor Project in seconds!


Create amazing Home Decor projects on Glass with this Mirror Spray.

This product will let you achieve beautiful and professional looking effects in seconds. Watch this video tutorial to see how quick and easy this technique is and enjoy the Magic of Mirror “Spiegel” from Viva Decor Spray.

We are delighted to launch this Brand New Video Tutorial and we hope that you you can see how incredibly easy and effective this Mirror Spray is to transform your glass Vases, Jars and Pots into something luxurious and stunning.

Well if you already have our Mirror Spray and you have not tried it yet I hope that you will have a play and you will enjoy using it.

Of course the Mirror Spray can be applied onto other materials like paint, plastic and even card but for the Mirror effect you really need glass.

Have fun and thank you for stopping by.

Best Wishes

Anna Marie

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Creative Rusty Collection

https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=nW30HssDGDc Hello everyone More fantastic news! Today we will be looking at Rusty product that hopefully this short video presentation will be able show you how lovely and versatile it is. This is a fantastic product that can be used on most surfaces to give a “rusty look”. I absolutely love working with this paste

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Up-cycling 3D MDF Heart with Mixed Media Structurizer


Hello everyone

I am so pleased to be able to finally put together a Video Tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel based around our White Mixed Media Structurizer.

As some of you might know, this is a really great product which enables you to create something really unique by just using up bits of fabric or ribbon that you are no longer using.

The properties of this product allow you to stiffen up  your fabric and essentially create a 3D effect.

It is very easy to use and for those of you that you have never used our Structurizer before here are  some bullet points about it


“This Mixed Media Structurizer is essentially a high quality fabric stiffener, which enables you to create all types of structures and 3D work.

This product is water-based, and will work as a hardener for any absorbent materials like fabric, paper, or cardboard (it will not stick to non-absorbent materials like plastic).

When completely dry, it can be painted , you can also use varnishes or waxes.

With its adhesive properties, it’s an incredibly versatile craft cupboard must-have!

It can be applied to non-porous materials simply by using a masking tape as a primer first to wrap up a bottle of wine for example than applying a Structurizer onto a fabric and onto your project.”


In this video tutorial I am up-cycling my 3D MDF Heart that I have created a long time ago and transforming it into completely different look simply by using our White Mixed Media Structurizer.

I am also adding other Mixed Media products and embellishments but the foundation for this transformation is the White Structurizer and Rustic Hessian, as simple as that.


I hope you will enjoy watching this Video Tutorial and find it both educational and interesting.

If you have been inspired by this Video Showcase and would like to purchase any of the products included within this video including the Mixed Media Structurizer and Embellishments you can

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I would like to say a huge thank you for all your wonderful comments which are always very inspiring and rewarding and I am just so happy that you are enjoying our Video Showcases.


I do hope you will enjoy watching this Video Tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel.

I really am so excited to be sharing some of my thoughts, ideas and crafting techniques with you that I hope you will find inspirational.

Very Best Wishes as always.

Anna Marie