Creative Weekends in Autumn 2016

Creative Weekends poster.

Hello again everyone…

Back in January and February this year we had a really enjoyable time crafting with a lovely bunch of ladies during our Residential Creative Weekends 

After a long time checking and re-checking the dates we have finally managed to select three weekends to choose from and they are as follow:

24th & 25th September
5th & 6th November
18th & 19th November

They are being held at the same venue as last time in a lovely Cotswold Hotel House & Spa.
If you like to receive more information related to our Creative Weekends or book your place, please email us using this email address
and we will email you our booking form buy return.
I hope you will find our weekends tempting… and I hope you will be able to join us for some crafting time …
Very Best Wishes
Anna Marie

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5 thoughts on “Creative Weekends in Autumn 2016

  1. Can you give me some information on where this place is as I have no idea. Also would I be able to also
    on a bit of a holiday is there any nice places to stay, I will be using public transport.
    How would I get to where the hotel is I live up North, Scunthorpe nr. Doncaster. Again I will be travelling on public transport. I would like to book for the first weekend in November. So please can you send me an application form.
    Can you also give details of what the course would include.

    I am putting a big order together but spent so much at Doncaster I will have to wait a couple of weeks to place the order.
    Love your ideas and items.
    Pam Brown

    • Hi Pam, thank you for your interest in our residential Creative Weekends but they are fully booked now, sorry. We should have new dates for 2017 at the end of this year if you like to attend any of them next year. I hope that helps.
      thank you and Very Best Wishes Anna Marie xx

  2. Hi Anna Marie do you have any dates for 2018 Creative Weekends. I am desperate to book on one of your weekends but always seem to be away on the dates you have. My birthday is this month and people keep asking me what I would like so I thought I would open up a ‘Creative Weekend Fund’ for 2018 as I know you are fully booked for 2017. Thank you so much.
    Jan xx

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