Inka Gold Cream Wax – Marsala

£5.99 £4.00 £4.00 Save: 33.2%

Inka Gold Cream Wax – Marsala

£5.99 £4.00 £4.00 Save: 33.2%

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Achieve a flawless finish with Anna Marie Designs Inka-Gold Waxes from Viva! This is a brand new colour added to a large collection of Inka Gold Cream Waxes.

Each pot contains approximately 62.5g of paint. This fast drying paint can be applied onto any surface for a beautiful pearlescent effect!

They can be stencilled, rubbed onto your projects, used as a watercolour and sprays.

Beautiful bold and vibrant and are sure to add an eye- catching finish to all your creations!

    • Approx. 62.5g in each pot

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Weight 0.050 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 5 cm


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