Lazy Gift Box – YouTube Video Tutorial

Hello again everyone…

Would you like like to make a very quick Gift Box that does not require any sticky tape or glue???

Well, a few years ago now I had this Christmas gift for my friend that I needed to wrap in a nice box but very little time to find a suitable box for the gift or even less time to make one in a conventional sort of way…and it was than that I had first come up with this idea of a Gift Box.

I call it a “Lazy” box because it’s so quick to make and it does not require any sticky tape or glue and your A4 piece of card will go such a long way for all those larger gifts.

With a traditional box you need to score four sides to your box and you need to do it for the top and bottom and as you know it can take up some time to make it but not with this one…

When you are pushed against the time this Lazy Gift Box Video Tutorial will hopefully show you how quick making Gift Boxes is possible.

To make this Gift Box I am using one of my favorite card that we sell – Pure Kraft Card

and also Blissful Paper Pads to decorate the Box with

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I do hope you will enjoy watching this Video Tutorial on How to make a Lazy Gift Box and you will also agree with me that this way of making Gift Boxes is very easy…

See you again very soon with our next Video Tutorial.

Very Best Wishes as always.

Anna Marie