Black Ceramic Effect – beautiful Halloween projects by Bernadette

Black Ceramic Effect

Are you ready for Halloween? Do you need a good quality Black Paint for all your spooky projects? Well have a look at this post by our customer Bernadette who created these beautiful projects.

I have been crafting for many years, mostly scrapbooking and cardmaking, but have become very interested in Mixed Media recently.
Didn’t really know where to start until I saw Anna Marie demonstrating the Ceramic Effect on C&C shopping channel.
When I saw her covering glass bottles with this medium I just knew I had to give it a go!

What an amazing product !!!!

I love Halloween and Tim Holtz embellishments and these Halloween Home Decor bottles and Coffin Box are the result!!

So easy and quick to make.

Wash and clean soft drink glass bottles. I have used the Fentiman’s soft drink bottles as they are a nice shape and have a screw cap. Readily available in all supermarkets.

Stir the Black Ceramic Effect with a cocktail stick before use.

With a soft brush apply 1 coat of the Black Ceramic Effect to the bottle. 1 coat is enough as it covers glass so well. Leave to dry for 15 minutes or dry with a heat gun if you are inpatient !!

Next roughly cut pieces of Voile like material (available on Anna Marie’s website) and randomly stick over the bottle, again using the Black Ceramic Effect as it acts like a glue as well. 
Leave to dry and then decorate using ribbon,  Tim Holtz embellishments and a label (I downloaded these from the internet and printed them off). 

Finally I randomly went over the whole bottle using gold and silver gilding waxes like Inka Gold Waxes

The Coffin Box was made in exactly the same way. I had a cheap paper mache coffin box and The Black Ceramic Effect covers paper mache really well.
Hope you like them!!

Black Ceramic Effect
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Black Ceramic Effect
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