Inka Gold Colouring Hints & Tips Bundle

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Inka Gold Colouring Hints & Tips Bundle

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This Bundle contains items from our Video Tutorial about Inka Gold Colouring Hints & Tips.

Select any or all of the items to help start your own project.

Please ***Note*** items listed as available on backorder need to be purchased individually and not in the bundle.

***Please Note*** Please Select Your Chosen Products

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Marabou Feathers

Approxiamately 3"-4" length.


Foam Sprigs - White

This unique set of Foam Sprigs adds that extra delicate touch to your projects and it’s absolutely beautiful in any flower arrangement.

In stock

Spray Bottle - 100 ML

Essential painting accessorie. This 100 ML bottle will enable you to mix any paint and powders with water for easy spray effect.

In stock

Pallet Knife Set - PK 3

Fantastic set of 3 Pallet Knifes from Viva for your Mixed Media projects.

In stock



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