Inka Gold Creamy Waxes – Video Tutorials

Hello again everyone…if you have never used Inka Gold Waxes or you have them but you are not sure how to use them, then this month we have a new set of Video Tutorials on our Creative Craft Channel showcasing this product and much more…

I am delighted to be introducing this Video Tutorial featuring Inka Gold Creamy Waxes for you as this product is so versatile that I hope you will find it irresistible…

The great thing about these Inka Gold products are the colouring properties on so many different materials not only on card and paper but also glass, metal and leather.

In my first video tutorial I am showcasing different ways to use the Inka Gold Waxes for colouring a variety of products and how easy it is to create your own misters and paints.

The second video that we are also launching today will show you how to make a Christmas Card by combining some of the techniques from the first Video Tutorial and other products like MDF Christmas Embellishments to create your own stencil effect, Blissful Papers and Natural Accents for the final arrangements and finishing touches.

I hope you will watch both videos which I believe might be helpful as the first video is more about the techniques and the second is more about the design but utilising the techniques from the first Video Tutorial.

I’m positive that this can be the start of a journey enabling you to apply these colouring techniques to a wide variety of projects as they are hugely satisfying.

Of course in these video tutorials I am using some of my favourite natural products which are Natural Fibre, Dried Flowers, Voile, Feathers, Mini Foam Sprigs, just to name a few as an example of the type of product that you can change the colour of…

If you have never used Inka Gold Waxes I hope these video tutorials tempt you to try using at least one colour because I am positive that you will love it.

We do offer a comprehensive choice of colour ways of Inka Gold Creamy Waxes extending across a wide ranging colour palette. They are fantastic for blending and covering elements as you will see in this Video Tutorial…as well as forthcoming Video Showcases launching in the near future!

I hope you will enjoy watching these two Video Tutorials and find it both educational and encouraging for those of you that have never tried Inka Gold Waxes before.

If you have been inspired by this Video Showcase and would like to purchase any of the products included within this video including the Inka Gold, Natural Accents, Stamps or MDF Christmas Embellishments or other products you can review, select and purchase many of the products and take advantage of a limited time PROMOTIONAL OFFER HERE.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these particular Video Tutorials please comment. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Creative Craft Channel as it’s a great way to be informed when the next video demonstration is broadcast…very soon, by the way!

Because I am not always able to reply to your messages individually I would like to say a massive thank you for all your wonderful comments which truly mean a lot to me. They are always very rewarding, I am just so happy that you are enjoying our Video Showcases.

I do hope you will enjoy watching this Video Tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel and you will find this showcase informative. I really am so excited to be sharing some of my thoughts, ideas and crafting techniques with you that I hope you will find inspirational.

Very Best Wishes as always.

Anna Marie