MDF Painting & Cracking Technique Tutorial

Hello again everyone,

I am so excited to be introducing this Video Tutorial featuring on our Creative Craft Channel as it showcases one of my favourite techniques – one that I use most of the time when decorating our MDF projects.

If some of you have already guessed?…and I’m refering to our popular Crackling Technique…then you will be correct.

By creating this in-depth 17 minute 2-Part Crackling Technique Video Tutorial I hope it reflects how much I love Crackling Techniques as it demonstrates how easy it is to achieve the results for everyone when using the correct tools and materials.

I’m passionate that this can be the start of a journey enabling you to apply this technique to a wide variety of projects.

By incorporating and using the correct materials this Crackling Technique is in fact very easy and hugely satisfying to achieve. I only use Chalky Paints, either from Viva or Americana Deco. The Crackle Medium Paint is also from Americana Deco. I absolutely adore the effect that Crackling and two paint combinations can bring to our projects. The ‘shabby’ and ‘rustic’ finish is complimented by an interesting, 3 dimensional appearance that is the foundation for many of my craft creations.

When using this Crackling Technique I use two Chalky Paint colours together with the Crackling Medium. You can apply identical or similar colours for a very delicate, subtle look, such as the MDF Snowman project for example. However, most of the time I combine two paints that provide more contrasting tones and deliver a richer finish.

This particular Crackling Technique is a one of those techniques that you can never control 100% of the time. In this Video Tutorial I present some guidelines with advice on how to approach such a project and how to achieve both delicate and bolder effects.

For the second part of this MDF Painting & Cracking Technique Tutorial I use a Faded Dots Stencil and a Chalky Ink Pad to add a little colour, together with a really wonderful product; 3D Snow In A Bottle which includes a fine tip for more delicate applications such as writing or applying the most elegant of dots.

An additional benefit of 3D Snow is it’s stickiness. You can sprinkle Crushed Ice onto it without applying extra glue. Perfect not only for everyday effects but also for an atmospheric Snowy Christmas mood.

Another great product is Inka Gold Creams. For this project I am using just two colours, however we do offer a comprehensive choice of colourways extending across a wide ranging colour palette. They are fantastic for blending and covering elements as you will see in this Video Tutorial…as well as forthcoming Video Showcases launching in the near future!

To decorate my MDF Crackled Heart I am combining Oak Leaves, Voile and a Craft Flower Arrangement I produced during a previous Video Tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel. If you have not yet viewed the Tutorial I hope you can find the opportunity to do so as it really is very simple to craft and so very rewarding.

I hope you will enjoy watching this special 2-part Video Tutorial and find it both educational and encouraging for those of you that are abstaining from Crackling because it is perceived as too difficult.

If you have been inspired by this Video Showcase and would like to purchase any of the products included within this video including the Paint, Crackling Products or perhaps the MDF Heart you can review, select and purchase many of the products and take advantage of a limited time PROMOTIONAL OFFER HERE.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this particular Video Tutorial please comment. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Creative Craft Channel as it’s a great way to be informed when the next video demonstration is broadcast…very soon, by the way!

Because I am not always able to reply to your messages individually I would like to say a massive thank you for all your wonderful comments which truly mean a lot to me. They are always very rewarding, I am just so happy that you are enjoying our Video Showcases.

I do hope you will enjoy watching this Video Tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel and you will find this showcase informative. I really am so excited to be sharing some of my thoughts, ideas and crafting techniques with you that I hope you will find inspirational.

Very Best Wishes as always.

Anna Marie

P.S. If you like to see this DMF Heart completely finished and decorated, please visit our Facebook Page where I will be posting the picture on Monday.

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6 thoughts on “MDF Painting & Cracking Technique Tutorial

  1. Thank you for showing this technique, I’ve tried it in the past without success!!!. The finished Heart is beautiful. Looking forward to your show in Doncaster next month, will need to stock up on many of your products.xx

  2. Fabulous, I wish I had watched this before making my wheelbarrow up yesterday. I used Cosmic Shimmer crackle and it basically didnt work but maybe I wasn’t doing it correctly! I am pleased with the finish of the wheelbarrow though and know my friend will love it. I have the stepladder and chalkboard sets too so can’t wait to jse them. Love the tutorials, not rushed like on create and craft 🙂

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