Handmade Greetings Card Tutorial

Well, hello again and a huge, huge thank you for all your amazing comments everyone. Your response to our first video tutorial is amazing, which is very rewarding and encouraging. I am so thrilled you are enjoying it so much.

My second video tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel is based more around composition and colour rather than a technique, with focus on the Paper Craft Flower (created in my How To Make Paper Flowers Video Tutorial) as it really complements many handmade Greetings Cards whether for, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations.

As some of you might know, I love using lots of natural elements when creating my projects as they look so lovely…I hope you agree. Of course I do have my favorite items that I use a lot of the time such as Natural Fibre or Dried Flowers, I also like using Raffia which is so wonderful for making items like large bows.

These generous bows are great, especially when you are using large size card blanks such as 8 inch or 7 inch squares. However, this time I am using one of our new size cards which is 12 inch x 6 inch and is fast becoming one of my favorites. I just love the flow that the dimensions of this card can offer. When making really special cards for really special people in our lives this particular scale makes a real impact.

I am also using a small selection of our MDF shapes; Cottage Fence and Birds which I have painted with White Chalky Paint and stamped with our Writers Script Stamp. This is such easy process and transforms my Bird into something very special.

The Happy Birthday Acetate print sends an additional yet subtle message complementing our Engraved Birthday Tile. It also creates a wonderful depth to the overall piece. It’s easy to build 3D effects when you are using very delicate products. They create a delightful harmony rather than conflicting with each other.

To layer my base card I am using our Dottie and Canvas Card, in a Crushed Cotton colourway. Both are very delicate and work beautifully together.

Finally…the top arrangement, when I position and place my larger elements, this is when the fun really begins – ‘when I am bringing everything home’ as I like to say. During this stage of the project I just love decorating with our craft items such as; My Leaves, Microbeaded Berries, a few Wheat Sprigs…and there I’ve completed my project!

If you are inspired to create your very own lovingly homemade craft; birthday cards, anniversary cards and celebration cards you can review and purchase many of the products included in this video and take advantage of a limited time promotional offer HERE.

I do hope you will enjoy watching our second video tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel and you will find this showcase rewarding. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this particular video tutorial please comment. Subscribe to our channel as it’s a great way to be informed of our next video demonstration…which is coming very soon.

I really hope sharing some of my thoughts, inspirations and crafting techniques will help you create something truly special for your loved ones.

Very Best Wishes as always.

Anna Marie x

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7 thoughts on “Handmade Greetings Card Tutorial

  1. Fabulous creation Annamarie, I met you today at Maidstone at Sincerely Yours craft show along with crafting friends Karen and Tracy & Sarah, and we all thought your work is so inspiring. I first saw your work at Ally Pally at beginning of April and was lucky enough to see you in action today. Loving your tutorials. See u again soon. X Paula X

  2. Hi Anna Marie, I really admire your wok, I love all the hints and tips you give, you are such a talented lady, I find you very inspiring, thanks for sharing xx

  3. Hi Anna-Marie – great to see you at Maidstone! I so love all the natural elements you have and you give us so much inspiration from the creations you share with us. I will definitely be thinking about the larger card format too. Quality MDF products – so love the fence panels. Great tutorial…well done! x

  4. This was my first purchase with Anna Marie designs, the mdf and flowers are excellent quality.
    I really appreciate the free gift. Loved your show on create and craft, a very talented lady.
    I have already made a second order, the service is excellent.
    Sheila May 2016

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