Creative Craft Channel Launch

Hello again everyone.

We are delighted to be sharing our second short video with you just a few days away from launching the first video tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel.

I really hope you like the opening style and sound track that we have selected for all our forthcoming video tutorials. We are currently finalising content and elements, confident that we will launch Creative Craft Channel this Friday, 22nd April with Part One of the first craft video showcase and Part Two will follow over the weekend.

It has not been easy selecting a subject for the opening demo tutorial as I really wanted it to be an interesting, inspired choice for everyone but with such an abundance of products, techniques and ideas to choose from I really struggled to identify which would be the most appropriate…

So after spending some considerable time, we have decided the first tutorial screened on our Creative Craft Channel is based on one of my favorite techniques…I absolutely adore it with a passion.

This video is produced in two parts for easy reference; Part One focuses on the technique and in Part Two we showcase products and tips.

So please, stay tuned as I will return later this week with more news and updates about our Creative Craft Channel.

Very Best Wishes as always.

Anna Marie

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