Craft with Home Decor Alphabet Plaques – Video Tutorial

youtube alphabet plaque


Hello everyone

I am so pleased to let you know about our latest Video Tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel based around our Brand New Alphabet Plaques.

These plaques are great for Home Decor and make fantastic gifts for friends or family. Large in size and with two holes at the top of the plaque they can be hanged together or individually.

The letters on the own can create some fantastically customized buntings for any special occasion, like Wedding…

Weather you like to use paper crafting or any Mixed Media products, these large Alphabet Plaques enable you to really go to town with it and explore all possibilities.



I hope you will enjoy watching this Video Tutorial and find it both educational and interesting.

If you have been inspired by this Video Showcase and would like to purchase any of the products included within this video you can

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If you have any questions or feedback regarding these particular Video Tutorials please comment.

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I do hope you will enjoy watching this Video Tutorial on our Creative Craft Channel.

Very Best Wishes as always.

Anna Marie

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