French style shabby chic vases

Good Morning Ladies,

Have you ever thought ‘what can I do with my empty jam jars?’… well I can now offer you help!

Firstly  you will need our two ‘chalky vintage look’ paints in Antique Pink and White,

Modelling Paste,



Sand block,

Pallet knife,

The Ornament Background 12x 12 stencil.

There is no need to prepare the jam jar (as long as it is clean).

Cut out the amount of stencil that you require and attach it to the jam jar using masking tape to stop the design from slipping. Using the pallet knife spread the modelling paste all over the stencil, giving a 3D effect. When you have completed this gently remove the stencil and leave your design to dry, let your imagination fly!

The next step is to apply the coloured chalky paints.

With your sponge dab over the stencil (optionally leave this area),but cover all the surfaces of the jam jar with the paints then leave to dry.

Once dry take your sanding block and rub gently over the jar in small areas to give a shabby chic look.

For the final touches you can add a strand of burlap with coloured or white pearls and tie around the neck of the jam jar. There we have it a very pretty vase or receptacle for make up brushes!

Thank you for reading my blog and see you next time!

Best wishes,

Anna Marie


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