Welcome To Our New Website

We’re so thrilled to have launched out new website.

As well as our ever developing online creative craft shop we will regularly be keeping you up to date with our craft events, creative crafts weekends, studio open days, creative craft fair news and dates, tutorials, craft tips and our new series of crafting videos showcasing all sorts of wonderful elements that make up the world of creative crafts.

Please visit us regularly to benefit from the latest news, tutorials, new products and limited edition offers. Review and feedback as much as possible to make sure we all benefit from your thoughts, ideas and passion about the world of crafts.

Anna Marie x

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3 thoughts on “Welcome To Our New Website

    • Hi Tracy it was lovely talking to you yesterday and just to let you know that we have now added the landscape cards to our new site as promised.
      Very Best Wishes
      Anna Marie

  1. love all your goods , but my bank account moans from time to time!! I love your tv demos your passion for craft really shows, Great new website . Wishing you continued success.

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