12 thoughts on “Video Craft Showcases

  1. Wanted to wish you well with all your “new” adventures. Looking forward to the video showcases. Watch whenever you’re on Create and Craft and marvel at your demonstrations. Your personality is a joy and you make us all feel like everything is achievable. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much Jackie, that is so lovely of you to say those things. I hope I will not dissapoint tomorrow. Sill need to get my demos ready but I am really looking forward to it. Very Best Wishes to you Anna Marie

  2. Hi AnnaMarie

    I’m really looking forward to seeing all your showcases and creations. I always record when you’re on Create & Craft and love everything you bring to us on your website.

    Yours is the first place I visit when I can get to craft shows where I always receive a warm welcome. You’re a lovely, genuine person.

    Kindest regards and best wishes

  3. Hi Anna Marie. Can’t wait for the videos. Watched all your recent demos …..your such a talented lady!
    Please, please could do a video of your hessian tree as want to make them now. Bought all the stuff from you and forgot what you told me. If you can’t would you be so kind as to email me short instructions.
    Lots luv,
    Krysia xx

    • Hi Krysia, thank you for your lovely comment. The videos will be coming soon and I will do the Rustic Hessian Tree or something else like that. If you need quick instructions Krysia you will need our White Structurizer and the Rustic Ribbon. You need to cut up the ribbon into small pieces – the width of the ribbon and about 2.5 cm long pieces and you need to soak them with the Stucturizer and mold them into irregular shape and than apply the pieces onto the Tree. Push them slightly and leave them to dry. I hope that helps. Best Wishes Anna Marie x

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