Stylish MDF Coat Hanger by Claire Box

Hi everyone it’s your local ‘craft addict’ again!! This time I thought I’d tell you about the mdf circle hanger I’ve done here.

I first picked this up at one of the craft retreats as I just loved the shape of it but when I got home I couldn’t decide what to do with it, wether to paint, crackle or simply to leave it ‘oh natural’!! In the end I sponged it with ceramic paste and then cut the hanger shape, slightly smaller, in lilac dotty card, I also distressed and inked the edge, and stuck it on.

With the flower arrangement I found it easier to stick them on a piece of card first with a large blob of pinflair glue instead of straight onto the hanger as it gets narrow by the hook, this meant I could make the arrangement quite full, so I used a large silk flower as the centre piece with die cut paper flowers (in dotty card) and wintersweet flowers.

These are all stuck on the card bunched together and then added two groups of micro bead berries either side. Any gaps are filled with moss, natural flowers, natural fibre and lots of stamens from the purple pack. All these are pushed into the pinflair.

On the paper flower I made the centre piece by putting a little ‘blob’ of pinflair on a heat mat and cutting the heads off the stamens and pushing them into the pinflair but be sure to allow the glue to dry first before you remove it from the mat, so don’t do it on your workspace like I did first time around!!! Finally once it was all dry I stuck the card onto the hanger and added some pearls.

At the moment I can’t decide wether to use the hanger for hanging my necklaces from or adding twelve little pegs (as there are 12 rings) with the months of the year on each of them and using it as a birthday reminder.

Well I hope this has inspired you to try something a little different and have fun.

Until next time everyone


P.S. Once again beautiful project Claire, thank you. Anna Marie xx

Items used:

mdf circle hanger 

Viva Ceramic Effect paste

Purple Dottie Card

Green Silk Flower

Silk Satin roses red green

Wintersweet flowers

Assorted Lilac Stamens Bundle

Microbeaded Berries

Bright Green Moss

Natural Flowers and fibre


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