Video Tutorials on How to decorate a Bottle with Glass Effect, Ceramic Effect and Patina Waxes

Hello everyone I am delighted to say that we have finally managed to put three video tutorials together showcasing only the small number of products that you would need to achieve this effect.

I must say that these videos are long overdue as we have receive several emails asking for confirmation and instructions on how to use the Patina Waxes.

As this technique would be too long to close it into one video tutorial we have decided to break it down into three Parts which hopefully would be more instructive and easier to follow.

This technique is absolutely lovely and although in these these video tutorials I am showing you how to draw, prime and colour this Snowman Bottle I am sure that you can create wonderful creations yourself whether you like to up-cycle any old projects or create brand new ones.

So to break these series down this is what you can expect: –

In part one we are showing you how to draw with Glass Effect Gel from Viva for 3D effects.

Products used in this video are:
Transparent Glass Effect –


In part two we are showing you how to prime your Glass Bottle using Ceramic Effect – Old White from Viva Decor.

Products used in this video are:
Ceramic Effect –


And finally in part three we are showing you how to use Patina Waxes from Viva Decor on your Glass Bottles .

Products used in this video are:
Patina Waxes –


If you have been inspired by this Video Showcase and would like to purchase any of the products included within this video you can

review, select and purchase many of the products  HERE

I hope that you will enjoy these video tutorials and find them informative and educational.


I would like to say a huge thank you for all your wonderful comments which are always very inspiring and rewarding and I am just so happy that you are enjoying our Video Showcases.

Until next time and Very Best Wishes as always

Anna Marie

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